Pre-employment Medical Assessment

Pre-employment medical assessment is a medical examination conducted on an individual to decide about his/her fitness for a particular job or employment. This is done to ascertain whether one would be able to discharge one’s duties efficiently without a risk to either himself or others. The idea of such an assessment is to place employees in an occupational environment tailored to their physical and psychological capacities. It includes a few or all of the following components:

  • Height, weight, body mass index (BMI)
  • Blood pressure, pulse and heart assessment
  • Neurological examination
  • Examination of abdominal abnormalities and presence of hernias
  • Hearing exam
  • Urinalysis for drug and alcohol screening
  • Lung function tests
  • Vision assessment

The job applicant is given a medical certificate from the doctor to ascertain that he or she is medically fit to perform the new job.