Mole Mate

Mole mate is a painless, non-invasive and fast diagnostic tool for screening moles on your body. This system makes use of a skin-imaging technology called Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis (SIAscopy) for detecting early and treatable melanomas (malignant tumours associated with skin cancer) to avoid biopsy or the removal of non-cancerous moles.

Mole mate’s skin-imaging technique helps your doctor in diagnosing abnormalities 2mm beneath the skin’s surface. This technique provides five distinct images of the skin, which can be helpful in the diagnosis of cancerous moles:

  • Dermatoscopic view: Provides a clear and magnified surface image of a mole on the skin
  • Pigment view: This may help your doctor to confirm that the mole is a pigmented lesion
  • Dermal pigment view: The distribution of pigments in the skin’s deeper layers can be detected, which can be important in differentiating cancerous from non-cancerous moles
  • Blood supply view: Your doctor can detect changes occurring in the blood supply, an indicator of suspicious moles
  • Collagen view: It enables your doctor to view the lower layers of the skin and detect for any damaged areas


Your doctor will assess the moles or lesions by placing the skin-imaging handheld scanner over each one. The magnified view of the analysed area will be visible on a computer screen and examined by your doctor. You can question your doctor if you have any doubts during the procedure. An accurate diagnostic report will be provided at the end of analysis. Your doctor will further discuss the therapy options if the results are positive.